How to check scan logs of Adware Removal Tool

Here’s in this knowledge base, we’ll show you how you can check the scan logs and repair logs of adware removal tool. Scan log and repair logs are saved in a separate files. We share with you the scan logs file’s location — where it is saved on the computer and how to share the particular scan log with the Adware Removal Tool’s developers. So please follow the following step-by-step instructions that are given below.

How to Check Adware Removal Tool’s Scan logs

Where the scan logs are located

Basically, the scan logs are located in the program files. This location could vary if you are using 64bit Windows. Check out both the locations.

If you are using any Windows version with 32bit OS then this would be your scan logs location:
C:\Program Files\Adware Removal Tool by TSA\Reports\

Or if you are using any Windows version with 64bit OS then this would be your scan logs location:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Adware Removal Tool by TSA\Reports\

Check, is your Windows 32bit or 64bit.

Check the Scan & Repair Logs

Adware removal tool generates the logs every time when it performs its scan or cleanup. By following the below steps, you’ll learn how to you can check the Adware removal tool’s scan logs — you can check what it has found and what it has deleted while scanning and repairing. The scan logs are named as “Scan logs” with time stamp and repair logs named as “Repair logs” with timestamp in folder. So, lets how to do that.

  1. Open Adware Removal Tool

    Simply open Adware removal tool and let it update.
    Alternatively, you may go to the above-given scan location and check the scan logs.
    ART app

  2. Click on “Logs” button

    Once the Adware removal tool is updated and ready for scan, click on “Logs (Reports)” button. Once click on that you’ll get a folder location opened. This location is the same location that we have mentioned above.
    click on scan logs

  3. Arrange the ‘reports’ folder by the date

    Arrange this folder by the latest date by clicking on the “Date Modified” tab. The folder will be arranged by the date ascending or descending order. Click on again to switch between ascending or desecnding order.
    Arrange folder by the date

  4. Check scan logs

    After arranged reports folder by the date, you’ll get the latest file on the top of the folder. Check out the latest scan logs that have generated by the adware removal tool when a scan has been performed by the tool. Scan logs file named as ‘Scan_logs’ with timestamp. Please check the following screenshot for more detail.
    scan log example

  5. Check Repair Logs

    The repair log generates only when the cleanup process done by the Adware Removal Tool. Repair logs are saved in a separate file which starts from “repair_logs” with timestamp. Please check out below screenshot for more detail.
    A Repair Log file

How to send the scan logs to its developer.

  • Open your email.
  • Compose an email to
  • Attach the scan and repair log file from the reports folder which you want to share with us. Or you may zip the reports whole folder and then attach that zip file in the email.
  • After attached the scan logs, send the email. Once you have sent the scan logs to its developers (us), you’ll get reply with 24hours on it.

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