Adware Removal Tool

Easily get rid of hard to remove adware, PUP, Toolbars and Hijackers. This software will clean the unwanted programs deeply with any hidden registry entries or hidden in legitimate system files.

Clean browser hijackers

This tool helps to get rid of stubborn browser hijackers from Chrome, Firefox & IE

Clean unwanted toolbars

Get rid of unwanted toolbars from browsers which are unable to uninstall normally.

Clean PUPs

Helps to remove potential unwanted programs from the system.

Remove Adware

It remove stubborn adware. Or report us and we will add the particular removal

Browser reset option

Helps to easily reset the Chrome, Firefox, internet explorer browsers.

Portable utility

No installation required. It is a portable utility which can be run through USB.

Download adware removal tool

This tool is designed to combat threats that hijack your browser and display unwanted advertisements. You are more vulnerable to malware and adware as a result of these hijackers. These hijackers can be easily removed with Adware Removal Tool from Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome browsers.