All the knowledgebase about TSA Adware Removal Tool.

How to create a shortcut of Adware Removal Tool on Desktop

Adware Removal Tool is a portable utility, so there is no need to install it into the computer. However, some peoples want to create its shortcut on their desktop. In this knowledge base, we’ll give you a way to make a shortcut of Adware Removal Tool. Follow the following steps:

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How to check scan logs of Adware Removal Tool

Here’s in this knowledge base, we’ll show you how you can check the scan logs and repair logs of adware removal tool. Scan log and repair logs are saved in a separate files. We share with you the scan logs file’s location — where it is saved on the computer and how to share the particular scan log with the Adware Removal Tool’s developers. So please follow the following step-by-step instructions that are given below.

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